Saturday, January 29, 2005

Nintendo Trying To Shed "Kiddie" Image?

8008135Check out this ad for the new DS -- it appears the DS and boobage go together, at least in Nintendo's eyes. (Perhaps they should have called it 'Nintendo DD'?)

Hey, it's better than the old mad-Sega-barber ("Give me a Cyber-razor cut!") ads... or, if you recall, the CD32 ad with the bloke from "The Darling Buds" on it and the wonderful quote, "and colours ... so many colours!" Tho' it's still not quite as 'adult' (or funny) as Sony's "Golfers Vs Porn Stars" ad -- or as good as the banned-from-TV Xbox "Life's Too Short" ad -- probably the best console ad ever IMHO.

Though Sega's "Germany" ad was pretty funny too in a satirical-xenophobia Sun-Reader-y way.

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