Sunday, January 30, 2005

Linking Illegal In Norway, too

Better be careful giving directions to lost people on the streets -- at least in Norway. That's the logic being used in the latest copyright ruling there, where a student who had a website with links to mp3 files -- that weren't hosted by him, on his site -- has been ordered to pay damages of 100,000 kroner (£8,000) to the Music Industry.

With this and yesterday's story from Germany, it seems that within the EU, be careful what you link to -- it just might get you jailed.


mmChronic said...

Ouch. We'll we've probably broken that law several times. This one probably did.

I have no fears - our commercial manager will be arranging funds for our defence.

Merg said...

If that's via his amazon thang, we can't even afford the bus fare...

mmChronic said...

That is only the tip of the commerical iceberg. Probably.

Merg said...

We're selling icebergs now?

mmChronic said...

To Iraq. We want a slice of the money that the likes of Toys'R'Us will be getting as compo from Iraq (list also includes Nestle who add ripping oof of an illegally invaded country to their list of crimes including fscking the Rowntrees chocolate recipe and murdering babies) for prevention of trade.

We will mostly be investing money from that in oil pipeline manufacturing industry. THEN we'll have enough to take on anybody's lawyers. Probably.

Merg said...

*sigh* I miss "proper" Kit Kats...

mmChronic said...

I can't eat Rowntrees' chocolate anymore - it's fscking awful. I would like to claim it's for moral grounds but considering I had a bag of Tootie Frooties last night I can't!

I don't know what the score is there as I used to like Nestle chocolate too = Dairy Crunch bars from a Nestle vending machine on railway platforms were always a favourite on train journeys.

Merg said...

I'm not terribly impressed with it these days either... mostly what I each chocolate-wise is Cadbury's and Thornton's (rah Thorntons! My parents are shareholders, so they get discount coupons -- v handy for xmas gifts).

I'm rather fond of Basset's Jellybabies too... oh, and Maltesers, which I think are a Mars product.

Dairy Crunch was indeed a top choice -- if you want something similar, the Co-Op do a "Fair Trade" chocolate bar that's v similar but *MUCH* nicer. I'd forgotten the Co-Op's Fair Trade chocolate. It's slightly more expensive than Cadbury's but it's top stuff. Recommended.

So from Piracy to Chocolate via Icebergs. Love Newlinks. Love Int4rw3b.

mmChronic said...

/Drools thinking about Marabou. Drools some more thinking about teh MAroabou with Orange Chips I had last week. Thanks the God Of Chocolte (IHeartMochaLots) that Ikea now provide a plentiful supply of Marabou rather than me only happening across it every couple of years in various out of the way shops.

Mars still do a nice chocolate - I love Galaxy too.

Cadburys in their quest to make every variety of chocolate availabe to the wannabe bariatric do a decent Crunch too.

I don't know - we veer from silly laws to icebergs to greedy corporations to chocolate with ease and with nary a murmur. God forbid anybody comments on the PSP on a DS post though! ;)

mmChronic said...

Almost forgot - Thornton's. Best. Toffee. Evar!

Merg said...

Ah, but how often do you see warez via icebergs to scrummy comestibles? (mmm.. want scrummy comestibles...)

Where as PSP-blows-away-DS on a DS thread is epidemic ;)

Romero's saying good things about both the DS and Revolution and how Nintendo's trying to be different.

mmChronic said...

Unfortunately Romero's word means jack shit these days. "Daikatana will be out very soon and it will be good". Parp!

Re the DS/PS thang. I'm just holding this post up as a brilliant example of tangential meanderings in commentary on NL thus backing up my point that the PSP comment was fair on the DS thread regardless of of fan boy activity elsewhere.

Or in other words to quote early Vic Reeves - I wouldn't let it lie! ;)

Merg said...


What is this 'fair' you speak of?

It's not like I deleted his comment -- I simply vented my feelings on the subject, which are surely no less fair comment?

I still stand by my comments that it'd be nice to have at least one place where posting about the DS didn't get a PSP-blows-it-out-of-the-water response.

(Early Vic Reeves was shite, btw. So was late Vic Reeves and any bits in the middle. Yes, I know you liked it, but you like Little Britain and Pokemon! Talking of which, did you see the LB iconage and the LoG movie posts?)

You can 'not let it lie' all you like, I'd say the same again. Especially to one-post-a-week Dogs :p

mmChronic said...

Delete comments? I wasn't aware we practiced censorship here!

Safe from fanboy comments on NewLinks? Hardly if your DS fanboy like response to Dogs comments was anything to go by! ;)

You are wrong re Reeves btw - early Reeves & was class only to get cack as they got more mainstream - however they went deliciously surreal again with the (relatively) recent Catterick. However I can't expect sensible comments by you re comedy as you like farces with frilly underwear and silly accents. ;)

I saw the LoG movie post - could be good. Don't think I saw LB icons though?

Merg said...

Nah, R+M were Python without the humour, IMO. (a bit like 'Meaning Of Life', really...) Their version of Randall and Hopkirk was very poor, but then I quite liked the original (used to be on Monday afternoons on ITV -- often watched it when I was skiving school).

I'm such a fanboy that I've bought... uh... zero items of console hardware in the last decade. Count 'em. None. I own an exceedingly elderly original chunky GB (that is on my bedside table, but hasn't had batteries in it for a couple of years... I play tetris occasionally) and a slightly less elderly SNES that was bought purely on the strength of Mario Kart (and has the SF2 pack-in game and Pilot Wings...) So if I'm a fanboy, I'm hardly one that will excite the big N...

Mind you, I probably would have bought a Dreamcast had my finances not been... "in upheval" at the time. And then it was ... um... dead.

I might buy a DS, since it looks nifty and has a huge existing library of GBA games, some of which are rather smart (Mario Kart and Advance Wars spring to mind, as does the Zelda in a number of guises).

I don't hate the PSP either, though I'm unlikely to get one currently due to pricing (games, not just the console), battery life and an antipathy towards Sony (plus their build quality sucks on almost everything except TVs <=28" -- the bigger screens have colour purity problems. The smaller ones are top notch. The PSP is reputedly delicate-feeling though).

I also maintain that Sony and EA together have been a major force for evil in video games -- they ushered in the ultra-corporate stance we see now. While I've no doubt MS are much different, they came so much later and so far at least, they're not remotely close to a strangle-hold.

Ironically, I disliked Nintendo in the late 80's due to their stranglehold and the way they treated programmers (which is pretty much how Sony does now -- I know a few in the industry and none of them like Sony -- MS are better liked, no less... and I don't know any Gamecube devs).

No, it's simply I've been reading about the DS a lot lately since I'm interested in getting one, and the PSP comments on discussion threads that were specifically about the DS are rife. Sure, it's probably PSP fanboys, but the numbers have been pissing me off, so dogs got ranted it. I'm not exactly known for showing verbal restraint in such situations... perhaps it's just he was an easy-to-reach target (since I usu cba to register for forums elsehwere).

See here for LB iconage -- just the one, so far. Y'gonna add any of my new iconage to the magic icon machine btw? Or are you worried that my 8008135 icon lowers the tone? :>

mmChronic said...

I bet 99% of the fanboys claiming PSP rocks don't actually have one yet. So you can be a fanboy without actually owning the hardware IMO.

I can believe the fan boys are making some pretty silly comments out there but I still feel your response was a tad over the top - if the fanboys had annoyed you then surely they were the ones to rant at - not our Dogs. He does however deserve being ranted at for not posting but that's another story. ;)

I'm not disagreeing that Sony are cnuts or that the first revision of the PSP are laden with flaws or that fanboys aren't tools or anything else you've argued for. I just thought the response was a bit strong for what was said.

WTF am I arguing Dogs' case for anyway? Where is the snivelling cur? ;)

mmChronic said...

And the bit I forgot this time: Icons.

I did see the hypnotist one - DOH! And I was going to have a big icon session yesterday but Vice City was calling.

I'll do them tonight. Probably. ;)

Merg said...

True, but I think most fan boys have at least bought some previous hardware in the last decade ;)

And yes, there may be a case of transference in there, but I'm truely sick of stuff I'm reading that might be interesting being highjacked, so I stand by what I said.

I've no idea why you're arguing Dogs case, since he doesn't seem terribly upset by what I said ;)

Gee, you being distracted by a video game. Imagine that. How ... unusual!

mmChronic said...

You think he wasn't upset - but has anybody seen him since? He could be dead in his car for all we know. ;)

I unlocked the other half of Vice City on Saturday evening so most of Sunday was spent exploring all the new bits, collecting packages, flying a helicopter for the first time and nicking tanks. Fscking tremedous.

To get extra mileage out of fanboydom I'm off to start trolling on gaming sites.

PSP r0x0r, DS sux0r. Probably. ;)

Merg said...

X3n0n r0x0r, r3v0luti0n sux0r. Pr0b4bly.

Yeah, but that's normal behaviour for Dogs. Pop up, write a couple of comments, complain about his Fantasy Footy league standings and then disappears again for a week.

The aircraft are lots of fun in VC. Motorcycles are really cool, too...

Have you flown over the river/sea yet to see the stuff that's underwater? Sunken ships, bodies, etc.

Top 80's soundtrack to the game, too :)

Merg said...


mmChronic said...

AW could be very good indeed - I know I loved the GBA titles. It's Battle Isles / HistoryLine 1914-1918 - but in your pocket! Now if an Amiga emu comes out on the PSP the DS can kiss my crevice! ;)

Done lots of flying over water but mainly going from A to B in a hurry. I have noticed rocks stand out much more when in the chopper so I figured other stuff would be clearer too. I just assumed there would be other stuff because it's GTA. :)

Merg said...

It might, but an emulator in what, 4meg of RAM? And without a mouse or keyboard ain't gonna be too much fun, I reckon ;)

If that's what you want though, I believe there's PocketPC versions around already for some of the better PDAs -- and they can also run GBA games, etc. without any problems. And there's a port of CaSTaway to the GP32 if you're in the mood for slumming it with some ST emulation ;)

(Now, I'll freely admit to having been an Amiga fanboy in the good ol' days -- back when the Amiga was worth raving about ... tho' I can't remember the last time I played with UAE... so I guess things change)

GBA Advance Wars from what relatively little I've seen is a top game.