Saturday, January 22, 2005


Not exactly news at this point, but:
Rockstar Games let the good news fly today, announcing that its mega-hit Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will arrive on Xbox and PC on June 7 in North America. Euro-gamers will receive the fifth game in the series June 10, 2005.
Given the rave reviews from our resident PS2-heads, always worth pointing out to those who might have missed it (like me <g>).


Anonymous said...

I dont mean to be picky, but GTA:SA isn't the fifth game in the series but the sixth;
1 - Grand Theft Auto
2 - Gta: London 1969
3 - Gta:2
5 - Gta:Vice City
6 - GTA:SA

mmChronic said...

I don't want to be picky either but we've moved - your comment isn't going to be read by the author of the post! :)

I only read it as I have a notify thing going on.

GTA London was an expansion pack for GTA wasn't it? Which would make fifth correct. But if it's wrong it's a direct quote from IGN anyway so it's their error. ;)