Saturday, January 29, 2005

(German) Music Industry Says Linking Is Illegal

On Friday, German online magazine recieved a letter from law firm, sent on behalf of various members of the music industry. The letter accuses of variously violating the German copyright act and of spreading illegal "devices to get around anti-piracy measures".

How did they do this? They wrote an article which included links to SlySoft, makers of AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneCD products.
According to the music industry, simply providing a link to the start page of the web site of a copying software manufacturer constitutes a violation of this law. Furthermore, Heise Verlag is accused of having provided "instructions on how to get around anti-piracy measures" in the above news item. Finally, the letter even speaks of the news item as "illegal advertising" for the sale of the software.
Presumably by the same logic, telling someone their house locks are insecure merits being tried as a housebreaker...

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