Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ford's New Car

It looks like Ford's expecting more urban degeneration to take place in the future if their new concept car's anything to go by -- it's an armoured car.
As the population shifts back to the big cities, you'll need a rolling urban command center. Enter the SYNUS concept vehicle, a mobile techno sanctuary sculpted in urban armor and inspired by the popular B-cars of congested international hotspots. Short and slim for easy city maneuvering, it looks bank-vault tough on the outside - with intimidating and outrageous styling that even features a vault-style spinner handle in back with deadbolt door latching. When parked and placed in secure mode, SYNUS deploys protective shutters over the windshield and side glass. Small windows on the flanks and roof are non-opening and bullet-resistant.
How friendly!

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