Friday, January 28, 2005

Fancy Directing "Toy Story 3"?

It seems the House of Mouse is having trouble retaining the services of someone suitable since their parting of ways with Pixar:
"My sources in the animation biz tell me that Disney, which will make Toy Story 3 without Pixar, cannot find a director to guide the project."


"Every single animator of note has turned down the director's job. They don't want to cross Pixar. They've become the only deal in town."

I'm sure my cohorts here at NL will gladly share the director's chair with me.

Though with Bungers on board, we might perhaps see the first ever animated pr0n feature from Disney. Still, it'd be better than most of their straight-to-video sequels...


mmChronic said...

I'm up for that!

Don't you know Bungers did his YTS at Disney though?

Merg said...

Don't forget the infamous removed scene(s) from Roger Rabit (Jessica Rabbit sans panties) and the Little Mermaid poster/cover art (and I don't care what Snopes say, it IS!) ;)