Monday, January 24, 2005

The Console Hardware Test

Yet more proof of the PS2's rank inferiority!

[Note: Site has lots of pr0n linakge so NSFW]


mmChronic said...

GC wins this round of the console wars. Hardest console - evar!

Best bit was whacking the Xbox with the sledgehammer and only managing to move it a few yards.

Merg said...

I loved the Xbox in this... the others bounced all over with loads of bits flying off whenever she did anything to them... Xbox was *thud* ... no movee. Excellent.

mmChronic said...

It is a bit 'rugged'. It does appear to be scared of heights though.

Merg said...

Rapid braking of all that mass -- hm.. I wonder what date she did this on and if there was any notable seismic activity that day?