Monday, January 31, 2005

American Nazi Party Adopts Road

Skinheads to clean up trash dumped by all - even that dumped by 'minorities'. Probably.
See, no-one ever tells you about the good works Nazis do. Or something.
  • Against: World War, Genocide, Torture.
  • For: Cleans Up Road.

That clears that up, then.


hypersloth said...

Here in Missouri, there's a stretch of highway that's been adopted by a chapter of the KKK. People were obviously outraged, but courts ruled that it was legal, and that they could not be denied the right to help clean up, etc... But they also couldn't could stop the state from renaming the highway, so they changed it to "The Rosa Parks Highway" Now the Klan's stuck taking care of a road named after one of the most famous black women in American history. Hah!

Merg said...


mmChronic said...
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mmChronic said...

Gah - posts on wrong thread again!

Following that Rosa Parks link I see the KKK are giving up on that road and are chasing another 'currently unnamed' stretch elsewhere. At what point in time will the whole road network of the USA be named after black activists? ;)

Merg said...

Well, not all of it -- there's a part named after Cesar Chavez in SF ;)

I suspect that's not considered an improvement to the KKK types tho ;)