Monday, January 31, 2005

Afternoon Playtime

It's cold. It's hard. It's Space.
I don't know what it is. It's not a game. It's here.
It's horizontal. It's scrolling. It's Alpha Force.
It's evil. It contains tanin. It's A Daily Cup Of Tea.
Source Engine Vs Doom 3 Engine - Fight!


mmChronic said...

That mouse one is a bit strange. Never mind I'm off to write a 3D engine instead. As soon as I learn some more advanced maths.

Merg said...

I once did a wireframe cube, years ago... That's about as far as I've gotten though -- basic matries.

Tell you what tho', I do think it's sad the way because we have 3D hardware, almost everything's 3D. I like a lot of 2D games but they're mostly toast outside of the handheld market (but maybe not for much longer...) and Flash games (and maybe cell phones... not really seen the current generation stuff, or the n-gage (which just had a new version released, btw, and is supposed to be MUCH improved)).

Apply speelink, grammar and structure to taste ;)