Thursday, December 30, 2004

Cheap Mac

Courtesy of Think Secret, rumours of a new Barebones Mac, sans display, for the sub-$500 price-point -- that's ~£270 in "real money".

Amusingly, this is the market I've long been told by the "Mac faithful" that Apple wanted no part of, because it was "cheap and nasty" (not to mention the snob value and "you get what you pay for" type comments).

It should be interesting to see how this sells, given the number of people who like MacOS X but have thus far refused to pay the high "Mac tax" type prices. Personally, I think it could be a good move, if only as a "foot in the door" -- get people to try a low-end box and upgrade to a faster more expensive box later on, though of course that would likely mean these "barebones" machines will have very limited expansion capability.

Expect a new rant from me when it's launched in the UK at £499 ;)


Anonymous said...

im of the "keep the price high, keep the rif-raff out" crowd.


Merg said...

Ah, but that's it y'see, it doesn't. It just keeps the prices high.

mmChronic said...

Personally, pound for pound I'd rather have an 'industrial' PC rather than some over designed piece of effete tat. Instead of that shiny chromed case you can have an extra GB of memory for your PC and a new graphics card.

For starters at least you can play games if you want to.

I think Apple deserve to die a horrible death for their continual practice of overcharging. It's only because of the Apple zealots they've lasted this long.

Will they still have the cache of the brand (and the opportunity to overcharge suckers) if they do let the 'riff raff' in? Apple is a fashion item - look at the way Burberry has gone in recent years. Fake Burberry shizzle is the preserve of tramps and I bet most rich people won't be seen dead in it anymore.