Monday, December 27, 2004

Belated Christmas Greetings

... and belated linkage to go with it.

First up, Google's Year-End Zeitgeist. Seems we're all set to photograph David Beckham and Britney Spears (in a mini-skirt) in a Ferrari using a Nikon digital camera if this is to be believed... Or perhaps we're all just watching it on The Simpsons.

Next up, don't make any plans for 25 years time. Just in case. It seems NASA's found a bloody great lump of rock hurtling towards us and it's expected to pass "quite close" 13th April 2029, with odds of impact set at 300-to-1 60-to-1. Don't forget to duck...

Kids misbehaving? This guy has an answer. He's ebay'd the kids Christmas Pressies. Allegedly.

Just a reminder of Weebl's Advent Calendar. SANTA SANTA SANTA!

An ironic way to spend that Christmas money. Wonder how long this link will work...

Broadband usage has now supassed dial-up in the Good Ol' USA.

And finally... The Lightning Project - from those nice chaps and chapesses at Mozilla - that plans to do for Outlook what Firefox did for IE.

A quick post-script goes out to the recently-mentioned, which now features some special festive outfits for Our Lord And Saviour.

Hope everyone had a top drawer Christmas, and that it was spent in sober, quiet contemplation and prayer, instead of how I spent mine!

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