Friday, October 01, 2004

Spinning the Spin Merchants

Last night, during the first Presidential debate, the RNC (Republican Party) offered a conference call for their 'team leaders' to listen in to the latest "talking points" to use against John Kerry for the post debate spin.

One of the better known left-leaning blogs, Atrios, posted the number and password for the conference call, and some subversive black-hearted liberals actually listened in. At the end of the call, questions were taken from listeners.
The first was from a "young Republican in Washington." She proceeded to say that Kerry was very credible and that she had decided to vote for him. The second caller said she thought Kerry would make a credible Commander in Chief and the third call took Bush to task for not mentioning the al Quida members not captured.

From: Curly Tales of War Pigs: post debate

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