Thursday, October 21, 2004

Light Up Your Life with the Galaktika Glowing Toilet Seat

As seen here:
"The transparent toilet seat GALACTIKA is equipped with tiny ultra bright Chip-LED in 5 cols.: pole-white, sundance-yellow, scarlet-red, amparo-blue and emerald-green."
Unsure if it's for you? Check out the videos on the site first!
(with apo-logies (See Blackadder S2E6) if it's already been posted -- I did a search and got six zillion ILN multi-posts returned so I just went ahead anyway).


mmChronic said...

Bloody expensive way to spend a penny!

Bungers will come and do a light show in your toilet for 50 quid.

Merg said...

Yeah, but who wants Bungers present when doing number-twos?

It's not a nice thought for either of us! (unless you know something about bungers I don't...)

mmChronic said...

I reckon Bungers would relish the opportunity to use his ShiteLight™.

Merg said...

... and his hawk? :)