Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Israeli Team Turn Up Skint.

It seems that Hapoel Bnei Sakhnin are lacking in the ol' folding stuff.

According to this report, they turned up at Heathrow Airport (London, for our overseas readers) with no cash to get from there up to the toon.

NUFC generously paid their passage (though no doubt FF is infarcting over this as I type) and they will after all be able to take part in tomorrow night's game.

Perhaps we should offer them a big wodge of cash (couple of hundred quid?) to stage the return game up here too ;)


mmChronic said...

I've heard they're all dossing down in ILN's prize cupboard as well. That'll be for the top notch training facilities in his back garden.

ILuvNUFC said...

I had them doing a few rounds of the assault course and now they are creosoting my fence.
I said i will throw them some dry toast and a teletubbies tent when they have finished.

Merg said...

Well, if I win any more prizes (see? humble!) I don't want an Israeli footy player turning up on my doorstep.

On a more serious note, I'm glad they could make it. It looks like they are pretty potless, so if nothing else the UEFA should give 'em a few quid.

mmChronic said...

Aren't they getting a slice of TV revenues?

I don't begrudge us giving them a hand but I would have thought they would earn enough from the ties to be able to afford it.

Merg said...

Well, that's what I was referring to when I said that the UEFA should generate 'em a few quid -- but I thought they didn't get the cash til after the game had been played?

Maybe I mis-understood that.

mmChronic said...


Me again. I read that as "UEFA should give" rather than "the UEFA should give" ie the body not the competition.

But either way - there's money coming so they should have been able to sort something out with the bank.

That's enough misinterpretations and forgetfulness from me - I'm off to bed! ;)

Anonymous said...


Good plan -- I intend to do likewise RSN.

Could be the banks aren't keen on loaning them cash if they've generally had none.... I dunno, pure speculation, Shots in the dark, if you will.

mmChronic said...

Who knows...

Still it's done now - we've paid their bus fares and put them up at ILN's. I hope they remember to show gratitude tonight. ;)