Thursday, September 16, 2004

Iraq: A Lost Cause?

US Military officers now believe that Iraq has turned into a disaster worse than Viet Nam, with rapidly rising casualties - including the ones the Pentagon doesn't want you to hear about.

George W. Bush, sadly, lacks the wisdom of his father.


mmChronic said...

Look on the bright side - it'll probably spawn loads of films with Chuck Norris in. Probably.

hypersloth said...

That would be absolutely tragic!!

I mean, Norris has gotta be pushing 60 by now... What about Matt Damon? He seems to have established himself as an action star...

mmChronic said...

We all grew up on Chuck Norris 'Nam films - they were the some of the VHS videos of choice in our area in the early 80s.

But yes he might be past it now. It would have to be someone with martial art skills though or there's no way the hero will be able to fight through 2,000 enemies singlehandedly.

Merg said...

Correction -- YOU did. I always had more taste :P

mmChronic said...

That probably only applies to the council estate lads on here then - when VCRs were starting to be bought only 1 or 2 people had them. This lead to gangs of about 15 people sneaking into their house when their parents were out.

Of course there was so much argument about what to get out of the video shop we nearly always ended up with a 'Nam film of some description and as every fule kno Chuck Norris was in every 'Nam film - evar. Probably.

bungers said...

It's not my job to point out errors but, I don't think he was in :

Hamburger Hill
Born on the Forth of July
Good Morning Vietnam
Air America
Apocalypse Now
Full Metal Jacket
Private Benjamin
Casualties of War
The Deerhunter
Rambo : First Blood
Heaven and Earth

Bah.. mutter... grumble grumble.

I think the only film I've seen him in was Delta Force... :lol: PARP!

mmChronic said...

That's what you think - his ninja like concealment skills make him very hard to spot.

It's not my job to point out errors but I don't think these film's were set in 'Nam

Air America (Laos - depends how picky we're being today. Very seems to be the answer so...)
Private Benjamin (WTF!?!)
The Deerhunter (deals with the aftermath of)
Rambo : First Blood (deals with the aftermath of)
Heaven and Earth (Samurai film form Japan?)

It's not my job to point out errors but I don't think this film title was spelt correctly

Born on the Forth of July


bungers said...

Parpity parp parp parp!

I'll leave all future 'pedantry' to Merg then..!

Merg said...

I believe bungers was referring to the Oliver Stone Heaven and Earth, which is the third part of his Vietnam Trilogy. (The others were Platoon and Born on the 4th of July).

Re: council estates. I didn't live on one but many of my friends did! And yes, I was part of the temporary living-room invasions when parents were "out" too.

I remember seeing all sorts of movies but they were mostly horror -- some of which were subsequently banned.

Dawn of the Dead springs to mind, but there were plenty of others (An American Werewolf in London, The Howling, Alien, Evil Dead... )

I also recall some 80th generation copies (that's number of copies, not age of participants -- clam down, Bungers!) of hardcore German pr0n -- to this day, I can recite what Germans allegedly say when they're shagging. At least I assume that's what it was. The picture quality was so bad it's possible they were grouting the bathroom tiling -- but if that's the case, German women get awfully excited about it. This, of course, could explain a lot about the Germans...

mmChronic said...

We watched all the horror stuff too - but I mainly remember the 'Nam films.

This has turned into a rather boring discussion from a Chuck Norris 'Nam film one liner. I wish someone had told me New Links had become an Encyclopaedia Pedantica.

Merg said...

That'll larn yer :p

mmChronic said...

I'm attempting no more humour. Evar. Probably. ;)

Merg said...

I'd try and hold you to that (probably) but you'll just claim "infamously bad memory", sooo...

Y'know... looking back, stuff like Dawn of the Dead probably was too strong for us 8yr olds (for that's how old I was when I saw it...)

Explains a lot. Probably.

mmChronic said...

Hold me to what? ;)

Yeah I was about 11-12 when I was watching these - I think I would have been cacking myself at 8!

Merg said...

I'll hold you to.. um... um... thingy... NO! Not *THAT* thingy. The other thingy. What I said before.

As for the flicks... yeah, they did.