Friday, September 17, 2004

Firefox turns 1.0PR

Firefox 1.0 Preview out now. Thunderbird 0.8 has also been released.

Press release announcing both of them here

We were late with this one, it "happened" on the 14th -- oops! And yes, despite the use of a superscript, this post is real.

EDIT: Added Thunderbird and link to press release for sake of completeness.


ILuvNUFC said...

So when is the finished version out?

Merg said...

"When it's out" would be the usual response, I guess.

This is an official release version though, just like 0.9, 0.9.2, etc.

It's also noticably quicker than previous releases -- I upgraded earlier this evening.

Merg said...

... or for a different answer, "later this fall".

I'll edit the main post to link to the press release that came from.

ILuvNUFC said...

Cheers. I'm off to bed now.

Merg said...

More on Firefox 1.0PR.

Find's much nicer now, IMHO -- it creates a toolbar acorss the bottom of the browser.

Popup blocker's much more obvious when it blocks a popup and looks easier for the "less technical" to use.

Has a "go" button on by default, I think (unless it picked up my 'existing' settings -- I use it when I cut/paste URLs from other sources, such as putty windows) - past URL into bar, click "go". Perhaps not needed by most but a lot of people seem to like having it there regardless.

As previously mentioned, the speed.

Both FF and thunderbird offer RSS support, but I'll continue to use RSSMerg because it's fewer clicks ;)

So far, I'm very impressed - well worth upgrading, IMHO.

mmChronic said...

I installed it last night.

I didn't get the Go button but I didn't have one previously so I reckon you're right on picking up existing settings.

My find bit didn't go to the bottom either!?

However the sheer 'upgradiness' of it all is excellent - it's the first version of FF that has picked up ALL of my installed extensions - and even tells you which ones are broke and updates them for you if possible.

The plug in installation handling is way cooler too.

Merg said...

by "Find" I don't mean internet search, I mean the inside-this-page text-search.

I get a toolbar across the bottom that is interactive, ie it searches the term as I type, etc. It's really excellent.

Agree with you on the plug handling, too.

IMO the "go" button should be there by default, to match IE. It's trivial enough to turn off for those that want to. (I use it because I cut/paste URLs from putty a lot... so I can just paste it in and click "go").

Basically, the "patch of least astonishment" (POTL) concept from FreeBSD should be adopted, ie mimic IE where possible so that IE users will find it familiar. The "power users" will figure out how to fettle stuff so that it it can be configured to their preferences, the rest can happily continue with their old habits. (Some of which drive me nuts -- the number of peopel who have yahoo or google as their homepage, and type ALL URLs into the search engine search bar is scary...)

The "new tab" button should perhaps be up-front, too -- I dunno about the new version's default settings, but it wasn't last time I installed it. I know IE lacks it but that's a good way to get new users to see the nice new feature, so...

S'good tho'. Very impressed.

mmChronic said...

I didn't get a 'find' toolbar either - I'm off to download 1.0 here to see if I get one on this install.

mmChronic said...

Still no toolbar on the bottom - I want my money back! ;)

mmChronic said...

Scratch that - it comes up when you do a find. I was assuming a permanent toolbar.

It's borked - the 'find on this page' seems to have reverted to the version in 0.91 in that it doesn't bother searching textareas (or at least never finds a match even when you know there should be) - PITA when you are editing your template say. This was fixed in .92 or .93 (not sure which) but seems to be broken again in 1.0.

Merg said...

I'm sure that'll get fixed soon - they're generally pretty good about stuff like that. :)

I did find it annoying that find-as-you-type reverted to "off" tho' -- I often like to sit back and browse without leaning forward for the mouse constantly... being able to use FAYT to select links is wonderful, and has saved much wear on my tab-key.

(I'm a keyboard shortcut junkie -- perhaps one of the many reasons laptop keyboards drive me nuts... ironic, given my mouse has 9 unique buttons/actions (scroll wheel up/down/left/right/click, left and right click, plus a couple of thumb buttons).

So, the find bug aside, what do you think of a) the new find bar and b) the new FF in general?

mmChronic said...

The not searching in text areas was doing my head in last time. Small template changes were a pain to do.

But I do like the new search thing - especially the highlight. I'm a bit narked some of my extensions didn't work - but I'm sure the authors of those will be updating them now.

The popup handling seems a bit too broken too - It keeps blocking gmail popups (new contact etc) even though I've specifically allowed (and disallowed and reallowed!) the site.

But on the whole it's good stuff. :)

The laptop keyboard I use has CTRL in the wrong place - grrr!

Merg said...

Yeah, I've used it to find CSS attributes in the past, so it IS useful... just not something I use frequently, since outside of blogspot, I hack CSS in vi anyway...

The popup blocker was doing that for me with 0.9.2 btw.

Re: Extensions... every single one I use works fine. I just had to go to the extension homepages for some of them, the auto thing didn't find them -- presumably because they either didn't have an entry on the "official" extensions site, or because said site hasn't been updated yet.

But the tabs thang, cssedit, webdev, gmail, bugmenot, venkman, adblock and imagezoom are all happily working away here. I think that's all I have installed... (yes, too lazy to check :) )

mmChronic said...

I'll have to go and have a look at the extensions. Pah - amateur installation. ;)

I don't think I noticed the popup cack in 0.92 but I wasn't on that one for very long.

Still it's not a bad release - and as you said the fixes will be on their way.