Friday, September 17, 2004

Charv alert...

Skinner to star in 'Charv, the Movie'

And they're not achieving anything in sk00l, either.

If you ain't from round these parts, here's the handy BBC guide to who's got, and who is (most definately) not:

  • charvers - fake designer gear, school is uncool

  • radgys - aggressive, liable to be excluded

  • divvies - hangers-on to charvers

  • goths - wear dark clothes

  • freaks - hard-working, considered normal by school

Please note the correct pronunciation. It's like 'carver', but which a "ch" sound at the start. It's not CHAV, like 'have'. Get it right.

1 comment:

Merg said...

Good gracious... based on that, I was a goth for years and didn't know it...

Looking at the "top 10" of nicknames, I notice a few obvious omissions... "morons", for example.