Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Bush - Tough on Security.

My friends all know I'm fascinated by US Politics, and follow it closely.

So, there I was, reading the Washington Post when I came across this article. And I was astounded. Here's why (emphasis mine):

"The White House put government agencies on notice this month that if Bush is reelected, his budget for 2006 may include $2.3 billion in spending cuts from virtually all domestic programs not mandated by law, including education, homeland security and others central to Bush's campaign."

Yet Bush said:

"... when you get them headed to the polls, tell them if you want a safer America, a stronger America, a better America, put Dick Cheney and me back in office."

So... keeping America safe by cutting funding to the agency whose job it is to keep America safe.

It's a novel approach, I'll give him that.

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mmChronic said...

And we thought the Americans didn't do irony - George appears to do it quite well!