Thursday, September 30, 2004

ABCNews posts review of first US Presidential debate -- BEFORE debate takes place.

Some pics of the articles here. (Sadly, huge .bmp's rather than .png's...).

Am I alone in wondering if ABC staffers are possessors of crystal balls? (And if so, do they clink when walking?)

EDIT: The Independent Just did it too:
Last night's presidential debate pitted George Bush against John Kerry on the issues of national security, terrorism and Iraq - issues that, almost certainly, will decide the election. Yet, for all the claims of deep differences, in many respects the foreign policies of the two candidates are very similar.'

Posted ~1hr30m before the debate starts...

I watched the debate. Kerry 0wn3d Bush totally. At one point, Bush appeared to claim that it was Iraq that attacked the US and Kerry had to remind him it was al Qaeda.

Meaningless online polls: (as of now)
Who won the first presidential debate?

President George W. Bush18%7.79%30%23%
Sen. John Kerry79%91.46%70%72%

A quote from a BBC interview "... it was amazing to watch the wheels come off this presidency...".

Not a bad night, all things considered.

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