Saturday, August 21, 2004

Toon In Move For Boumsong?

That's what Sky Sports are claiming this morning.

Meanwhile, The Guardian have a curious set of nicely contradictory quotes from Freddie and Uncle Bobby, and claims that the Toon just recieve £9.5m for Woody initially, with more on appearances and successes.

And the ever reliable bastion of breasts, The Sun, is claiming that we're in for a £30m "swoop" for Rooney. Presumably they also claim he'll play as a centre-back...


Merg said...

That's right, kids, more claims than the man from The Pru!

mmChronic said...

So if Woody stays a crock we get 9.5 million which is a loss when you take his wages (which we didn't get that many appearances for) we paid him plus the 9million we paid Leeds for him.

If he stays fit for the 3 or 4 years Real have got a world class defender for next to nowt. And we'll have been deprived of that many seasons of Woody.

So hows that work then? Either way it's a bad deal. I thought 13.4 for a player who is class but an injury magnet was fair enough. This stinks.

Merg said...

If it's accurate, it does indeed.

Tho' I believe we only paid £8m for him from Leeds -- the £9m tag included money for appearances, etc. and there's no way they can have gotten anything from that, I'd have thought.

But still... if The Guardian's correct, we've essentially sold him at a loss...