Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Merg's Mini Multi-Psot

Just a few things I found -- too lazy to do a separate post for each.

"Military readies directed-energy weapons"
An Xbox even I couldn't love
Device Promises Microwave Surgery
Photoshop Zoo
What, Me Register?

Random cullings of teh intarw3b.


bungers said...

Did someone say Schama...??

I even used an icon to illustrate the laser death ray!!

Merg said...

That lot had been sitting in the editor for several hrs -- forgot hit "publish".

You don't think I actually READ this place, surely?

bungers said...


Nice work wit the x-box thing though...

and this was done DAYS ago!!

bungers said...

You need to sign up for WIP too... it's very easy..!

Do it, do it, do it!!

Merg said...

Me sign up for something?

mC, please apply your clue-stick to Bungers wrt merg signing up for stuff? Ta.

mmChronic said...

No sign up required even - type any old shite in the wip box.

mmChronic said...

...but I guess that explains the tardness over gmail. :)

mmChronic said...

...or tardiness even :/

Although on second thoughts... ;)

Merg said...

... and the reason I want to advertize my presence on certain sites is....?

Re: GMail -- what's so special about it, btw?

mmChronic said...

Only those that use WIP - and I bet you don't visit many of those other than this one as most of them are in Dutch.

a) because it's good
b)because we use it for NL bidness (or is that bizzle Bungers?)
c) it's trendy as fsck man :)

And while it's pick on Merg hour for being the non conformist may I mention we all have a clicky profile up top right except you. :)

Merg said...

So in other words... it's webmail?

Yeah, I know you do.

I refer the honourable Gentleman to the "what, me sign up" type commentary above. :)

mmChronic said...

Oh and you're barred from going to the states again - encourages over liberal use fo the letter zee. Or something! :)

We could always pretend it's a 3 nation blog of course - England, Wales and Amerkia.

mmChronic said...

Yeah it's webmail - but good webmail. Try it - it won't bite you.

It's a weeny signup for gmail - weeniest sign up ever I reckon. And you do sign up for stuff - like Blogger f'rinstance.

Plus the gmail address is the only one we can send payment for posts to. Probably. :)

Merg said...

Letter Z? I'm sleep deprived, so I'll just give you a blanker look than usual for that...

I signed up for blogger 'cause it wouldn't let me post to the main page unless I either a) signed up or b) stole your login.

And you were most uncooperative about that.

As for America... I can't afford to go back (Yet).

Hey, I couldn't afford to go last time, really...

mmChronic said...

'advertize my presence'

True the blogger sign up was a bit crucial to this stuff - but gmail is painfree and is good.

And don't worry we'll help rehab your zee's back to s's :)

Merg said...

Nah, I'm with the Oxford University Press/OED on the
-ise/-ize debate.

-ize is Latin (possibly via Greek) and the original.

-ise is the French version that the British somewhat adopted in the 1800's.

The OUP always insists on using the -ize endings in its books. There's an excellent rant in the current OED about why we shouldn't be copying the French corruption. I've seen it online but I can't remember where now and a quick google didn't find the article itself, just references to the print version.

They also applied the rant to -or/-our and -er/-re constructions, IIRC.

mmChronic said...

But it is the spelling that has been in use all my lifetime and yours. So does that mean OED want us to use Middle (or even Old) English spelling now? That would be a right queynte!

Now I'm in OE mode - cease sqyrming like a wyrm and signe up! ;)

bungers said...


Merg said...

The OED has, I believe, always advocated using -ize. They date back to the mid-1800's.

Add that to -ize has always been used in Britain, it's just not the dominant spelling (well, possibly -- that may be changing with all those copies of Word set to "US English" out there).

You know, this has to be one of the weakest spelling trolls ever -- you're complaining I am using a spelling that is in the dictionary!

One that the Oxford English Dictionary -- arguably the canonical reference for the English language -- agrees is correct.

And mid-1800's is hardly a return to Middle English. Unlike, say, much of your spoken language, which is directly derived from Saxon dialect!

And on top of all that, advertize obviously does sound with a z-sound -- surely as a programmer you should be arguing for logical spelling using phonetics? Like oh, say, Latin had?

mmChronic said...

I hate phonetics. I remember the stupid attempts to teach reading with those awful books. I could already read and it just looked like badly spelt shite. Pah to that crap!

As you said ize is from a classic language - so going back to OE or ME isn't going as far and it give me a chance to swear in a medieval stylee. :)

Our language has changed constantly and the ise has been used for a couple of hundred years. Good enough for me. And seeing it with a 'zee' just puts me in mind of those phonetic books again. Yuk.

I wouldn't mind seeing that OED rant though. I'll have to see if I can find owt.

As for speaking Saxon - I know. That's why we want to reclaim the old Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. Then instead of "do you realis/ze" it'll be " de ye knaa" so the problem will disappear entirely. Yay! :)

Merg said...

I hate phonetics too -- I'm just surprised you do because they're more logical. That was the basis of your metric vs imperial rant!

The suffixes may come from a Classic language but they were correct up until the French became trendy in the mid 1800's, and that brought about the change.

That's why the Americans use -ize, -or, etc. -- because when the founding fathers left for the New World, it was long before these spellings were changed.

These are also spellings that crop up in many English/British historical documents for the very same reasons, and they're also in Shakespeare.

The OED's a good enough reference for me :)

The rant's an excellent one and I shall keep a look out for it. I seem to recall I originally read it on a Linux mailing list archive(!) when I was researching porting something from Linux to FreeBSD. I doubt that will help you track it down though. I shall keep my eyes open.

As for the Kingdom of Northumbria, I'm not convinced. After all, I'm outside the historical boundaries, so it doesn't really help me.

mmChronic said...

You're thinking if Northumberland which is some poncy Norman invention. Northumbria went down to the Humber (and up into Scotland and across to Cumbria - Northumbrians were hard as fsck man!) and I do believe that may just put you in our catchment area.

I know the same argument goes for logical spelling and locical measurement. But being a programmer words don't really come into it (well part from the actual language itself IYKWIM) - maths do. So it's for an entirely selfish reason. Perversely though I live my life in imperial measurements. I blame the Government though as even though we decimalised (PARP!) our currency in 1971(?) we still have mph on the motorway etc etc. We've finally changed over to metric in the shops which is a Good Thing™ in my book.

And I'll stick with my weird English spellings including the ones that came in mid 1800s. :)

Merg said...

But I'm not trying to stop you using your French-derived spellings -- I'm just pointing out that my proper English spellings are perfectly right and proper and locical... sorry, logical.

As for Northumbria, the old map I was looking at showed it starting at the Tyne. Presumably said map wasn't old enough -- I think it was the late 1000's or so, but t'is quite a while so I could be wrong. And it's too late to check...

btw, Spider-Man 2 rocks. See it.

mmChronic said...

Northumbria ceased to exist as a kingdom (it became an Earldom when England started to exist as a kingdom in it's own right) long before the Normans came. The county of Northumberland is what you had to be looking at if it was a 1000AD+ map you were looking at. Northumberland did start at the Tyne - and did do until 1971 until they put us in with some shitty little village on the Wear and made Tyne & Wear. More at NE history archive.

And applying an ize to a word with a French root is how logical? Referring to an earlier point you said the Pilgrims would have ized. Yes they would have - but even more z for s came in after they started simplifying the language for simple minds or something. Use of those z words in English like ooh I dunno say advertize has to be a capital offence. It fscking will be in Northumbria matey! :)

Merg said...


You only know it has a French root because I told you last night!

And it's logical to normalize - yes, with a Z - suffixes, so that we just have one, rather that have to either remember or constantly guess which is correct.

As for the map, yup, it was, I believe, one that was related to "The New Castle", which I believe puts it somewhere around 1080 if memory serves (but don't quote me).

Newlinks is now the NE History Archive? Woo, or something. Guess that runs in the family ;)

As for your delusions... you've about as much hope as the Conservative Party has of forming a coherent... well, anything right now - government, sentence, whatever.

mmChronic said...

1084(6?) or something for the castle - we did the toon millenium thang about 20 years ago.

Just because you said the root was French last night didn't mean I didn't know it previously. Do I know something? Better see if Merg told me or else I can't possibly. Or something. :)

Remember or guess what's right? You should just know - it's your language. I don't hold with the simplify it so it's easy for the sake of idiots theory. Logical? You should know English and logic have very little in common. It's a twisted little language - just the way I like it :)

I was linking to our previous piece on Northumbria which had the fsnet link. Fsck knows what happened there - too many fat ones I reckon. ;)

As for delusions - you'll have to be more specific as I have many! Though I suspect you may be confusing what is know as a 'running joke' with a delusion. Unless you are seriously suggesting that I am planning to raise a secret army based in the Byker Cully. Am I? That remains to be seen - bwahahahahaha! :)

Merg said...

In reverse -- the "delusions" comment was mostly so I could be snarky about the Tories -- such disarray deserves the wee-wee taken if only for "keeping my hand in" porpoises (oo-er, Freddy reference, etc.) and of course because you're threatening me with capital punishment -- always a nice way to treat ones friends!

As for keeping the language logical... since this particular area already allows either extension to be considered correct, aren't you taking this a teeny bit too far?

Ye Olde OED and all that...

The New Castle's most haunted room is exceptionally creepy, at least according to my gf -- and when she was in there and legged it complaining it felt "wrong", she didn't actually know it was supposed to be haunted.

Wonder if it's from 1086 or from the Roman graves there was apparently on that location before they built the castle...

You should be careful, one of the spooks might pop along to see you ;)

Merg said...

Oh, yeah, on the "I told you last night" front -- you appeared to express surprise when told.

Hence it was logical to deduce you didn't already know.

As for whether you know something or not -- do we get a vote?

If so, I vote "Not!"

Right, I'm orf To Do Something Less Boring Instead.

Or possibly not less boring, but it is something else...

mmChronic said...

I've always had a bit of an interest in etymology - so even if I didn't know it to be French it was easily guessable as such. But I did. Look of surprise? The only look on my face of an evening is normally 'baked'! :)

I bet the OED doesn't say they are totally interchangeable so either extension isn't necessarily correct on all words. And I don't propose keeping the it logical - the exact reverse in fact. Keep it complicated! Beside which according to Dogs improving things so they are easier to use is just lazy. :)

Merg said...

It says they're alternative spellings for each other and recommends the 'z' variant as per said rant.

I'll have to hunt that out sometime, it's a Jolly Good Read[tm].

mmChronic said...

You will - or I will. :)

There are definitely -ise words that shouldn't end in -ize. I read it on the tinterweb.

Anyway enough about this franco-greekshite.

How's it ganning man?

Merg said...

Alreet -- Ah'm back from ye knaa where.

Mucho shopping was purchased.

I did an online IQ test and it said I wasn't completely thick and was good at quickly solving "logical and mathematical" problems -- maybe I should look for a job in computers or something? :)

mmChronic said...

What a cracking idea! :)