Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Holy Tire-Smoke, Batman!

Footage of the new Batmobile, presumably from filming the upcoming Bat-Movie.

IMHO, not a patch on the 1960's Batmobile, of which as a child I had a die-cast toy version, courtesy of Corgi.

Beware mC's Utility-belt!


mmChronic said...

I think it looks ok - has the same clunky ugliness that the Stealth planes have. In fact I reckon it is several bikes left over from the Dredd(ful) film stuck together.

Doesn't look like it can fire matches tho. Pah bag o' shite.

Merg said...

Even the Mr-Plastic-Muscles Michael Keaton era Batmobile looked cooler IMHO.

I guess it's the Batmobile for the SUV generation though...