Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Great Managerial Debate

So... who's next?
Possibilities mooted by the press include:

  • Steve Bruce

  • Sam Allardyce

  • Terry Venebles

  • Gordon Strachan

  • Martin O'Neill

  • Merg McMerg

  • Gerard Houllier

  • John Gregory

  • Steve McLaren

  • ILN

  • David Moyes

  • mmChronic

  • Alex McLeish

  • Kenny Dalglish

  • Dogs Cogs

  • Graeme Souness

  • Alan Curbishley

  • Bungers Gifton

  • Ottmar Hitzfeld

  • George Graham

  • David O'Leary

  • Kevin Keegan

I'm still awaiting us being linked with Ossie Ardiles again though....


bungers said...

Judging by the ol' fantasy league scores it'll be me that's favourite to replace Sir Bob!

You should've linked those, and you could've gone for the elusive multi-post record!

Oh, and BTW, those scores have just been updated again, and I'm still top! Yay!

Merg said...

You're a Sun reader, aren't you? ;)

bungers said...

I over apostrophised that one, didn't I..? Sorry. ;)

Merg said...

Actually, it was the combo of exclamation marks tne the likely attraction of "page 3" ;)

bungers said...

That's what I meant.

See comment at foot of previous main page post. ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

I expected to be higher than 10th on the list. ;)
I shall be applying for the said job but i don't think i'll not mention my FF team on the CV.

mmChronic said...

With the squad I've got there I expect to turn the corner anytime soon. Probably.

Dogs said...

Evening chaps

Still alive but been very busy.

Anyway. Fookin Fat Freddy is bleating that he had to make a hard decison. And IMHO he's totally fscked up again.

If you follow Freddy's logic then it seems to me that football is the only business in the world where it is apparently good business to sack your manager as often as possible. And for good measure why not sack him after 4 games in the season because obviously our poor start is all Sir Bobby's fault and nowt to do with selling our best defender for a measly 4 million profit, twatful Dyer mouthing off, imbecile Bellamy mouthing off, attempting to buy Rooney when we already have 4 international forwards and no defence and a centre forward who can get managers sacked for putting him on the bench when he's failed to hit the net.

Any any twat that says Shearer should be manager obviously thinks its wise to have one of the biggest football teams in this country managed by a footballer who has no experience of managing anything whatsoever.
Does anyone know if Shearer actually has a head for management? Does he have some sort of mega qualification that justifies walking into a million pounds a year management job without any experience of managing? Has he got a honours degree in business or sports management or something? No but he almost has an NVQ in Coaching. And he's a footballer.

Sorry, forgetting the arsehole sports journalist in the Chronicle who says Shearer should be allowed to manage with Venables holding his hand. Feck off. Where else in the world do you replace a manager with untouchable integrity and decades of experience and success with a footballer who has a certificate in coaching (almost) and who needs another manager (who is a hasbeen and wide boy) to show him the ropes. Just fook right off the lorruvya.

mmChronic said...

Ah shut up you knaa nowt ;)

Is your missus out tonight? And you have you sneaked onto the big bad interweb like a naughty boy? :)

ILuvNUFC said...

WOW! Gone for months then comes back slagging God. You will go to hell (Sunderland) for that. Leave the bloke alone, he has never said he wanted it. He should be left to his goals for his last season. He had better hurry up and start scoring though because he is in my FF shambles of a team.
I don't really fancy God as manager, he would do as a caretaker until some other poor bugger comes in.
Agree entirely about Fat Freddie tho. It was only a couple of months ago when he said "You DON'T sack Bobby Robson". Wanker.
Welcome back. Catch any big fish?

mmChronic said...

Al'll be around to kick his arse for any more of that lip.

I'd gorgot about the "Can't sack Booby" quote. Total concurrence on Fat Fred. He's a bulldog faced mong with less business acumen than Mrs Clough.

mmChronic said...

And I didn't mean to call Sir Bobby a booby. Honest! :)

ILuvNUFC said...


Merg said...

To quote FF: "Our recent record shows we can be trusted to deliver quality players. I'm not going to say too much at this stage but I think the fans will be pleasantly surprised at what results from the Woodgate deal."

So... is anyone "pleasantly surprised" yet?

I think when he said "fans" he meant "shareholders" -- after all, they might have to pay out a dividend this year to keep the Woodgate transfer money from the taxman...

Gah, gah and thrice, gah!

Flip said...

Bobby Robson is a national treasure...it's an absolute disgrace to have sacked him...maybe the chairman could've had a quiet word and let him step down or summat...treating him like that stinks...I hope he sues big time.

Onto other things..hehe..Steve Bruce seems an obvious choice to me...as a closet Blues fan I'd be a little sad to see him go but I think he's a bloody brilliant manage...Alladyce too...pit poor Bolton if he leaves.

BTW...with 2 injured players and joint second I reckon I might apply muhahahaha...

mmChronic said...

You can keep Steve Bruce - forever! I hope as I say this some deal hasn't been announced that I haven't seen yet.

Most people I know that support the toon wouldn't want that manure wanker anywhere near SJP. No disrespect to Birmingham intended (NOT!) but he's found his managerial level - he shouldn't be anywhere near the toon for his patronising usage of Geordie heritage, black and white blood etc etc.

mmChronic said...

Oh and Allardyce has the taint of the unwashed and occasionally sports a big gay moustache to boot ;)

Merg said...

Yeah, but if the options are Brude or Arfur "Terry" Venebles and Alan "Terry" McCann... er... Shearer...

We're right in the clarts...