Sunday, August 22, 2004

"Do we have a player in mind to replace him? Not really."

<rant style="incoherent = true; illogical = true; rabid = true">

It may be a cliche, but as with all cliches, it has an element of truth. Being a Toon fan is Never Dull™. Exciting, heartwrenching, rip-your-guts-out downright agonizing and gruesome at times, but never dull.

So, today, we turn to the 'papers, that massed group of professional spinners of the half-truth and outright liars, at least when it comes to sport.

The People today is carrying an interview with Uncle Bobby, and perhaps most disturbing is the quote that appears in the title. The icNewcastle site carries a similar story here.

So, in the words of Four None Blondes, "What's going on?"

Well, icNewcastle claims we're after three players - two new defenders and a "high profile player in another position".

So, did the club to us lie to us (AGAIN!)?

Or is this just Bobby being canny with the press?

Sadly, I think I know the answer to that... and it's not the one I like.

We shall see....


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