Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Broken Wednesdays?


Is it just my ISP or is blogger horribly broken right now?

I'm seeing all sorts of weirdness including missing graphics, posts appearing then disappearing, connections timing out, etc.

I'd also like to know where bugmenot's gone -- I miss it :(

Yes, yes, abusing posting rights for public whinging.


mmChronic said...

It was Blogger - the image host was down for a while and teh blogger servers themselves seem to have been a bit iffy again.

Blogger seems ok now but BugMeNot is still gone.

Merg said...

BugMeNot's been gone at least a couple of days now... can't find anything anywhere that mentions what's going on with it, either. :/

Merg said...

Looks like it maybe had to move ISPs rather quickly...

Poking around, the whois info points to an ISP that pretty much "specializes" in hosting sites others may not want -- one of the is a neo-nazi sales site flogging Skrewdriver CD and other such "music" of their ilk (pro-Nazi ultra-racist metal, if you don't know 'em).

That site's using OSCommerce, software I'm very familiar with.

Anyway, there's signs of life with a dir structure there now, so I guess they're getting back on their feet.

One has to wonder if they were shut down by someone who doesn't like their login distro policy...