Thursday, July 08, 2004

In the news today...

Ray Parlour gets a divorce and the newspapers have varied opinions on the fairness of the settlement....
The Telegraph writes about judges being in pursuit of fairness. After washing and ironing Ray's kecks for seven years his ex missus Karen is clearly entitled to a big wedge. After all Ray is just a big kid who gets paid to play footy and shag models when he gets bored with his wife and kids.
The Sun is slightly more concerned about Ray. It says he's been fleeced.

I say nice one Karen.


Dogs said...

Dear mC. Please can we have an align=left hspace=6 in our icon script so that we don't have to muck aboot.

Dogs said...

Another post related phenomenon. This post, as with several others, has a comment count that states 1 comment 1 new. So why can't I see it?

Dogs said...

Now it says 2 comments 2 new and I can't see either!

Dogs said...

Is the comment count done at the client end? THat would explain why my PC knows I've posted 3 comments but Blogger still hasn't published them. Or summat.

Note for mC: THis is not an invitation for abuse - I've got too much work on today ;)

mmChronic said...

Posting new comments has forced the republish of the page and got the right comments on it.

There is an hspace on img anyway via style sheets. I'll leave you to put any align in you want. I specifically took that out to give people the choice how they wanted the icons to appear in their post. Besides which img align is now deprecated.

ILuvNUFC said...

It's not Firefox as it is the same in IE.Just crappy Blogger again.

ILuvNUFC said...

Now it says 6 and 6 new.Can only see three.I guess a few people replied to you're query and Blogger is knackered.I'm interested how you got to comment 3 times in 10 minutes or so, some kind of current record. ;)

mmChronic said...

Try ye olde CTRL-F5 on the page too. Sometimes Blogger hs updated the post page but when you get it you are still getting an old one from your ISP's proxy server.

But for the most part this won't work. Blogger is indeed having another shitter. I suggest we stop talking about as it is getting tiresome.

"ooh I can see stuff"
"I can't"
"Works for me"
"Works for me now"
"Still doesn't work for me"

If you want to read shit like that just keep reading this comment. :)

Of course if it's really bothering you two stump up for some hosting and we can host a Blogger blog wherever we want then it doesn't matter how crap Blogger is. Cheques in the post?

And talking of cheques - Blink 182 tickets are now showing on my card and need paying for.

Dogs said...

Just wanted to know it's blogger and not some ISA server hijinks. The last 45 minutes have shown 3 comments but the count showed 4 comments 1 new. Then suddenly 8 comments appear!

Sorry, I'm Comment Count Commenting CCC™ again.

Might drop by tonight with moolah if ok with you mC?

mmChronic said...

Yeah should be fine.

There will be some ISA/proxy problems too. I know teh proxy here is a shit ISA server too and a full refresh does sometimes sort it out. They are mostly Blogger probs though. DOH - there's me talking about it again.

We should have a secret, off site gmail bitch and carp about all our shit free web services! ;)