Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Diamonds are a boy's best friend. Apparently.

So some fashion expert has decided that male jewelry jewellery (darn yankee spelling) is the new black. Just as well we have The Gropenator Governor Schwarzenegger to sort out the girly men.


mmChronic said...

Is American spelling the new English? PARP!

diamondfanatic said...

Think its more like the footballers "WAGS" who have insisted on their men wearing diamond earrings that have set the trends!

Beckham is walking bling! Look how much Diamond Jewellery he wears!

mmChronic said...

Oh look spam for diamonds. Rather than delete it out of hand I thought I'd share a few more diamond links. Before anyone buys diamonds they should read how the De Beers cartel have systematically been swindling the world with diamond values. At least diamonds are forever - because no one will buy them off you if you decide to sell.

The site linked to in the spam above carries on the charade:
After all how many purchases do you make where what you are buying needs to make you look good and be a worthwhile investment at the same time? The purchase involves both your emotional and business side.

Worthwhile investment? You'd be better off stuffing tenners up your arse - at least you have a chance of getting some of your money back then. ;)