Thursday, June 24, 2004

Roo-mania part 6

I'll grow into these ears soon likeWe're going to need plenty more practice at understanding Scouse so here's the Scouse Translator!
I say "I do like a nice cup of tea."
Wayne says "Ay do like a laughin cup o' char. "
A prize of a knuckle sandwich to the best translation.


Dogs said...

I say "It must be your round old chap"

Wayne says "Say dat again and i'll stab yew."

mmChronic said...

We say "I'm Bored"
He says "giz yer crack or ah'll stab yew"

Dogs said...

I say "Excuse me young man, could you direct me to the nearest train station?"
Wayne says "Ay-ay, fork over de Rolex before yer chew'n me knuckle butty."

Dogs said...

I'm terribly sorry but where aaare you, one's old bean, watching the match tonight?
Posh translatorWhere 're ya watchin' the Itch And Scratch tonight?
Cockney Rhyming Slang TranslatorWheear eur theur watchin t' match t'neet?
Yorkshire translatorWhere iz yous watchin da match tonight? Is it coz I is black?
Ali G Translator

mmChronic said...

Geordie translator: What the fucks it got to de with ye like. Do you want your goes?

Dogs said...

Ali translator: I iz watchin hit down da Larda Ox in Whitley Bay wiv me real possie.

bryn said...

Normal: Excuse me sir, did you just look at my pint?
Scouse: Ey yous wack, did yew juss gerron me bevie?

bungers said...

English: Are you calling my pint a poof?
Scouse: Ay yew call'n me bevie a big girl's blouse?

No voting, whored from the b4st4rd operator! ;)