Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Roo-mania part 1

I'll grow into these ears soon like.Today The Sun reports (is that an oxymoron?) that Wayne is the new Pele. In their "exclusive" interview Pele states "Roo is the new me". I have a few problems with this...
First of all it just bugs me that Pele, as a world recognised ambassador for football, is succumbing to 30 years of everyone telling him how great he is. Any modesty he had is gone in favour of attending a never ending stream of parties under the nomenclature of "the greatest footballer ever" and it seems his analysis of football skills is strictly limited to comparing footballers to his own greatness.

Secondly, Rooney is not as good as Pele and anyone who says otherwise, including Pele, is talking tosh.
But Freddie Adu might be the real thing.
Doh! If I can't resist the Pele comparison then what chance does Pele have?

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mmChronic said...

Pele sold out a couple of years ago when he started selling Viagra. Joining the Pele Self Appreciation Society club is just the next step in the fall of a legend.

I reckon Rooney could be as good as Pele. Pele was awesome but don't forget he was made to look even better than he actually was because he played in a team of superstars. Rooney doesn't. If you could put Rooney into oe of those Brazil teams how good would he be?

Anyway this is all a bit premature. I reckon Rooney has more than a bit of the Gazza in him. He could well have taken to sleeping in a Croxteth gutter within a couple of years.