Monday, June 21, 2004

Naked shin kicking

I am unable to check out this link as I have no idea if it's SFW or not.
Assuming it is what I think it is, that age old British sporting tradition of tying two people together and letting them kick seven shades out of each other's shins - but in the nuddie, then I think it would be a great way to solve the Group B qualification problem where England draw 0-0 with Croatia tonight and the Swiss beat France 4-0. Forget play-offs/penalty shoot outs/away goals/goals against etc and just tie Wayne Rooney to Thierry Henry and let them kick sh!t out of each other. My money's on Wayne.

Edit: Link fixed and SFW


mmChronic said...

Bugger qualification - let it settle the whole tournament. My money would also be on Rooney.

Yay England for the cup!

Dogs said...

Have you tried the link? Is it full of nuddie shin kicking goodness?

mmChronic said...

And what makes you think it is any more safer for me to click on a possibly NSFW link? Well you thought right!

It's safe. It's a text page with some mention of soapy miners.