Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sunday Morning Megapost!

Iiiits Roundup time from YLFM.

Yes, he's too lazy to actually do individual posts once again, so any chance of actually finding any of these later... HAH!

Well, that's it for now. More later, if you think you can stand it.


mmChronic said...

Where do I get one of those goats? :)

2 repeated links there. tsk tsk. I'm waiting for someone else to complain before I point out their positively ancient repost in the last couple of days. Just what the History icon is for!

We had the cap remover and fat drug the other day. Oh and 'Bariatric' (search newlinks) is the new 'fat' as we are PC as owt these days and wouldn't want to offend any wobbling, lard buckets.

Searches, boxes, and colourful bits? Check this out. It's one of the new Blogger templates with added New Links goodness. Still quite a bit to do on it but it's shaping up. I don't like the burgundy title bit but that will be replaced by a funky logo - when I can think of what to do for it anyway.

Suggestions and gripes to the usual address please.

Merg said...

I don't have time to post all that AND read your posts! I hate to think what you'd do with the goat...

Merg said...

Oh, yeah... Search? How? :)

There's a thought, actaully... move to a real host and it could check any link to see if it was already posted. Isn't that what computers are for? :>

More later, when I'm less excessively hot and somewhat cooked. Probably.

mmChronic said...

There's a search in the Blogger interface. I've also added a Google site search on the test design.

As for moving to a real server - that was the original plan but laziness took over. Well that and Morrowind. I started fiddling with various things like Movable Type, Pivot etc but it was way too much effort. This site pretty much does as a way of sharing linkage. Not the best solution in the world but very low maintenance. I like low maintenance. :)