Thursday, May 27, 2004

Bariatric watch: how food firms target children

I *AM* breathing in you cheeky fscker!Iraq is old news. Everyone is far more concerned about their bariatric tendencies. After all our kids can't go to war if they are all too fat or dead and therefore our MPs are demanding annual fat tests for our kids. Why a test? Are the parents so oblivious that they can't actually see that their kids are fat? Test result: Your kid is fat. Parent: Oh!!! That explains why the crisps keep disappearing.

Here's an article which explains how the Kellogg's Winders advertising campaign was aimed at children and was up for an "effectiveness award" at the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising for its ability to fool parents. At the same time it was also the winner of the 2002 Tooth Rot awards. From the same article here's a series of case studies that analyse the food intake of several families/individuals from various backgrounds.

The Tullbergs

The McRaes

The Braithwaites

The Bowers

Sabeena Uttam

Joan Harris


mmChronic said...

Eek! The bairn eats those. Having said that it's a treat rather than a 'eat 12 packs a day thing'. I saw that 'fear the pie' thing on the news last night and that had a bit on secret kiddy advertising but I wasn't paying attention by then - I was off to find the posters!

Wasted opportunity to use the all new Bariatric icon there Dogs. ;)

Dogs said...

Ha ha. Spotted it and edited even before you had commented. Snuck snook sneaked? in an extra bit about kiddy fat tests too. Is that an illegal edit?

mmChronic said...

Apparently it's not the done thing in the 'Blogosphere'. Parp!

It's usual to show an EDIT. I would have put another post up myself. I do go back and edit for spelling mistakes without showing the EDIT but anything I add or change I usually do.

Bring back National Service I say - then we can 'liberate oppressed people' everywhere and slim our kids at the same time. I'm off to work for the Daily Mail.

bungers said...

euuuur... can someone please refer me to the "not the done thing list please.."

I do remember taking the test, that hinted at some of the etiquette, but I haven't read anything about this for ages. The only thing I know you have to do is do a "via" all the time if you pinch the link...

I appear to have </skills> today!

mmChronic said...

Use the force to guide your actions, padawan.